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 Priority Insurance, Ghana Police and MTTD of Oti Region Educate Drivers

Priority Insurance, Ghana Police and MTTD of Oti Region Educate Drivers

Priority Insurance Company Limited in collaboration with National Insurance commission of Volta Region, the Regional Commander of Ghana Police and Regional Commander MTTD at Oti region, DCOP Mr. Charles Domanban on March 28th, 2022 educated drivers and vehicle owners on the importance of vehicle insurance and claim payments.

Priority Insurance

The program was held at  Dambai main station. Addressing participants at the event, The Managing Director of Priority Insurance Company Limited, Mr. Matthew Kweku Atta Aidoo commended Regional Commander of Ghana Police and Regional MTTD of Oti region for continuously helping and ensuring drivers always adhere to transport regulations. Mr. Matthew K.A Aidoo also spoke about the objective of Priority Insurance Company Limited to bring insurance closer to the people and their readiness to pay genuine claims.

Priority Insurance

He further added that the recent spate of road crashes has become a major concern for Ghanaians as the rate of deaths and injuries are still worrying though a reduction in the figures compared to last year’s.

“As stakeholders, the Police, NIC and Priority Insurance can only work together to help minimize the canker and also to ensure that adequate compensations are paid to affected victims through valid insurance claims”, Mr. Matthew Kweku Atta Aidoo admonished.

Meanwhile, available statistics from the Police MTTD point to the fact that the months of January and February 2022 have seen a reduction in the number of deaths on our roads which stand at 469 as against 517 during the same period last year.

The Regional Commander of Ghana Police and Regional Commander MTTD at Oti region on their part commended the NIC for its commitment and resolve in continuously supporting the Police in the enforcement of the Road Traffic Act 1958.

“As a result of our partnership with the NIC and continuous education from Priority Insurance branch managers and agents, there has been a great improvement in our road traffic policing. The Commission with its members has been our old time stakeholders and sponsor. They have been assisting us a lot in terms of training programmes to make sure that we bring a level of sanity on our roads. There has been a monumental improvement in terms of traffic management”, they pointed out. DCOP Mr. Charles Domanban also reminded the drivers on the need to have insurance and protect the third party. He also reminded and advised the drivers that, the MTTD will be on the road to check insurance and other documents for road worthy.

The National Insurance Commission manager for Volta Region and the Head of Marketing and Development, Mr. Salifu Abubakr Godmar took their time to also explain claim process and the work of the National Insurance commission and Priority Insurance Company Limited.

The programme has the overarching objective to expose the MTTD Commander with his team and the drivers presents, to be in the position to understand, interpret and enforce the dynamics of Claim processes of Priority Insurance Company Limited. The training covered an overview of Claims and Vehicle Insurance and how to go through claim processes among others.

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