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 Overview on How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership & Insurance in Ghana

Overview on How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership & Insurance in Ghana

Transferring vehicle ownership and insurance in Ghana involves several steps to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and insurance coverage from the seller to the buyer. Here’s a general overview of the process:

Transferring Vehicle Ownership:

  1. Gather Required Documents:
    • Original vehicle registration certificate (commonly known as the “DVLA Vehicle Registration Document”).
    • Original vehicle inspection certificate (obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority – DVLA).
    • Valid national identification card (such as a Ghana Card or passport) of both the seller and the buyer.
    • Sale agreement or deed of transfer signed by both parties.
  2. Visit the DVLA Office:
    • Both the seller and the buyer should visit the nearest DVLA office together to initiate the transfer of ownership process.
    • Present all required documents to the DVLA officer handling vehicle transfers.
  3. Transfer of Ownership Process:
    • Complete the necessary transfer of ownership forms provided by the DVLA.
    • Pay the required transfer fee as stipulated by the DVLA.
  4. DVLA Verification and Approval:
    • The DVLA will verify the authenticity of the documents and conduct a physical inspection of the vehicle to confirm its condition.
    • Once the transfer application is approved, the DVLA will update the vehicle registration details to reflect the new owner’s information.
  5. Issuance of New Documents:
    • The DVLA will issue a new vehicle registration certificate in the buyer’s name.
    • The buyer will receive updated vehicle documents indicating the change of ownership.
  6. Update Insurance Policy:
    • After completing the transfer of ownership process, the buyer should inform their insurance provider like Priority Insurance Company Limited, of the change in ownership to update the insurance policy accordingly.

Overview on How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership & Insurance in Ghana

Transferring Vehicle Insurance:

  1. Notify Insurance Provider:
    • The buyer should inform their insurance provider(Priority Insurance) about the transfer of ownership and provide the updated vehicle registration details.
  2. Provide Required Documents:
    • The insurance company (Priority Insurance) may require the new vehicle registration certificate and other relevant documents to update the insurance policy.
  3. Update Insurance Policy:
    • The insurance provider (Priority Insurance) will update the vehicle insurance policy to reflect the new owner’s information.
    • Any adjustments to the insurance premium or coverage will be made accordingly.
  4. Confirmation of Insurance Coverage:
    • Once the insurance policy is updated, the buyer will receive confirmation of insurance coverage in their name.
Priority Insurance

It’s important for both the seller and the buyer to follow the necessary procedures and ensure that all documents are properly transferred and updated to avoid any legal or insurance issues in the future. Additionally, it’s advisable to consult with the DVLA and the insurance provider for specific requirements and guidelines related to vehicle ownership transfer and insurance in Ghana.

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